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KtTools is a server plugin written by Ktipr. It offers some various additions to the gameplay in order to make some things easier for the player. At the moment of writing the plugin contains the following elements:


Without the plugin you would have to click many times to set a noteblock to a certain note. And even if you do eventually get to the right pitch, how would you know what specific note you have? For this purpose we have PerfectTune. It allows the user to enter a specific pitch in the chat window, and update one or more noteblocks to this specific note.

A note is chosen by using the command "/tune pitch", where pitch should be replaced by a number between 0 and 24. If used properly the chat window will respond that it has set the tune fork to a note corresponding to the number. As of now it is not yet possible to enter the note directly, but this is planned for a future version.

In order to update a note to a noteblock, the Easybind plugin should be used. By using the command "/bind rb event:tune" the player can bind the action to any desired block. When the event has been bound to an item, a noteblock will update to the previously set note when right clicked by the player.

In summary the following steps should be taken:

1. /bind rb event:tune

2. /tune pitch

3. right click a note block


BlockRotate allows players to rotate blocks after they have been placed. This is very useful when many blocks need to be rotated, when a certain placement is not possible because the player would need to be in an unreachable position or simply because the game does not seem to place the block the way you want it to. At the moment there are only three types of blocks to which it applies:

In order to rotate a block the player has to use the Easybind plugin to bind the blockrotate event to any item. In order to do this the following command should be used: "/bind rb event:blockrotate". When done succesfully the player can now click any of the applicable blocks and it will cycle through it's possible rotation positions.

Since KtTools 0.4 it is possible to rotate stairs and halfsteps in the upside down position (and back).

1. /bind rb event:blockrotate

2. right click the block to be rotated



Chestcount allows players to count how many items there are within chests in a specific zone, therefore it is directly dependent on the Zones plugin. This plugin has two uses: it can be run as a chat command, or via a sign.

To use the chat command, the player should first select a zone using the command "/zselect zonename". If this is not done, the chestcount will try to automatically find the most relevant zone. To perform the actual item count, the player types "/chestcount item" where item should be replaced by either the data value or the name of the item. An exhaustive list of the names that can be used can be found here. If a specific item with some data value is required, this has to be entered as following: itemID;datavalue

To use chestcount via a sign, a sign has to be made with the text "[chestcount]" on the first line and the type of item to look for on the second line. The specification of this second line is the same as for the chat command. Automatically on the bottom line, the amount of items within the current zone will be shown. Once a sign has been created this fourth line will not update automatically. In order to do this the sign has to be either triggered by redstone, or manually by right clicking the sign.

For example when the following text is entered on a sign it will search for jungle wood blocks:



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