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Craftcart is a plugin that enables automatic exchange of items in minecarts and storage chests. In some areas, it offers a similar functionality as Minecart mania.



The way it works is quite simple: it moves items from a storage minecart to nearby chests according to some simple instructions written on a sign. The sign is placed next to the track, and the chests can be placed in a column below or above the sign, or directly next to the sign.

Additionaly it can do some tasks such as teleporting carts up or down, compacting items into blocks, or trash items.

Collect and Deposit instructions

This part is about what syntax to follow when writing instructions on the sign. It may seem confusing at first, but following a few simple rules, it should become clear, and easy to understand after a while.

The instructions on the sign are written from the perspective of the chest. This means that whenever you use the keyword Collect, items are moved from the cart to the chest. Conversely when you write Deposit, items are moved from the chest to the cart.

Now, the position of the chest relative to the sign is important in what keyword you use on the first line. When the chest is placed next to the sign you use the following syntax:

[Collect Items] collect items from cart to chest that is "connected" to the sign. Cart -> Chest

[Deposit Items] deposit items from a chest that is "connected" to the sign, to a cart. Chest -> Cart

[Stash Items] only move items from a cart to a chest that already contains items of the same type&data Cart -> Chest

When one or more chests are positioned above the sign (possible with other block in between), you also have to specify how many blocks above or below the sign the chests may be. Therefore the first line takes a distance argument which is denoted as X in the following commands:

Note: the distance argument X is between 1 and 10(inclusive) Note: the offset argument O is between 1 and 30(inclusive)

Collect actions:(cart->chest)

[UCollect:X] collect from a cart to chests up to X blocks above the sign.

[UCol:X:O] collect from a cart to chests up to X blocks above the sign from O offset.

[DCollect:X] collect from a cart to chest down to X blocks below the sign.

[DCol:X:O] collect from a cart to chest down to X blocks below the sign from O offset.

Deposit actions:(chest->cart)

[UDeposit:X] deposit from chest up to X blocks above the sign, to a cart.

[UDepos:X:O] deposit from chest up to X blocks above the sign, to a cart from O offset.

[DDeposit:X] deposit from chest down to X blocks below the sign, to a cart.

[DDepos:X:O] deposit from chest down to X blocks below the sign, to a cart from O offset.

Stash actions:(cart->chest)

Move items from the cart to the chest, using the chest as filter.

[DownStash:X] stash from cart down to X blocks below the sign, to a chest.

[UpStash:X] stash from cart up to X blocks above the sign, to a chest.

Finally you can specify that a cart has to gather items from chests anywhere in a range of X blocks by using the following command:

[ICollect:X] collect items from chests within distance X, to a cart. (within a range of 1 to 30)

Specifying rules

Additionally you may also want to specify what types of blocks, and how many blocks you want to exchange. In order to do this you have to describe the blocks that you want to exchange on the last three lines of the sign. The syntax for these lines are:

X = Exchange only item X.

X:Y = Exchange items X and items Y.

X-Y = Exchange all items X through Y.

X;T = Exchange item X with data type T.

X@C = Exchange C instances of item X.

X;T@C = Exchange C instances of item X with data type T.

Z+X = Exchange item X when cart is heading TOWARDS direction Z (North, East, South, West - only use the first character).

Note that using the separation character ':', you may specify as many items as you wish. If you need more than one line, make sure you finish naming an item per line. (in other words, you may not word wrap within the sign)

You may want to specify that you wish to exchange all items. Therefore the 'all items' command can be used. Also note that instead of using the data values, you may want to use the item names ?? right ??. A comprehensive list can be found on Google Docs.

If you would rather specify all data values, you might want to have a look at MineCraft Wiki

Person Control


When an empty cart passes this sign any nearby is forced into it.

By default this looks in a radius of 10 blocks but this can be changed by defining a range on the second line (max range is 30 though.)


When an cart with a player in it passes this sign the player gets ejected from the cart.

Optionally you can define a location on the second line where the player should be ejected to (x, y, z) this is also limited to a 30 block range.

Other instructions

As mentioned before there are some other signs available. The first one is the elevator sign, which teleports a minecart directly up or down to another piece of track, which also has to be next to an elevator sign. The command for an elevator sign is simply:


In order to know where to teleport the cart to, you have to type the word 'up' or 'down' on the second line. The maximum distance a minecart can be teleported is 32 blocks.

It's recomended to give the destenation sign none to prevent your cart from suddenly teleporting back.

Next there is the compactor. This sign currently compacts iron, gold, lapis, brick, string, sand and clay items into blocks. This is very useful as it save a lot of storage space. The only thing you have to do is place a sign next to a piece of track, and all items in passing carts will be compacted. The command for the compactor is:

[Compact items]

You also have the possibility to automatically trash items. Use this sign very carefully, as there is no way to retrieve the once trashed items. If a cart passes this sign, all items in it will be lost forever! The command for it is:

Note: Trash items needs filter rules(* for all items)

[Trash Items]

You can also control the maximum speed of a cart, you have to beware though this is not a booster sign.

This sign just limits that maximum speed of the sign while it keeps it's momentum.

The command for it is:


With on the second line the maximum speed from 1 to 200 procent


The automatic deposit of all items from a chest which is 3 blocks above the sign:


all items

Collecting cobble and mossy cobble to a chest next to the sign:

[Collect Items]


Collecting red wool, flowers and red dyes to chests up to 5 blocks above the sign:




When you have any more questions do not hesitate to ask for help in the server.

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